I developed and built the following experimental avionics for my Sinus 912 motorglider:
150nmi range low-power DME
Simple GPS navigation receiver
GS/marker navigation receiver
Simple gyrocompas slaved to a magnetic compass
Handheld VHF-COM transceiver
Intercom audio amplifier
Precision landing radio altimeter
Landing radio altimeter with speech synthesizer
Radio-altimeter antenna
Traffic-alert Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
DME / ATC transponder antenna
Low-power Mode-A/C ATC transponder
10W VHF power amplifier
Low-power VHF-COM transceiver
Full-power VHF-COM transceiver
VOR navigation VHF receiver
VOR/LOC navigation VHF receiver
Click on the archive icon on each individual subpage to download schematics, drawings,
detailed pictures, PCB files, software and description of operation as available.