Matjaž Vidmar, S53MV on Krn JN66TG 2245masl with Triglav 2864masl in the background

My bibliography: articles, books, presentations & citations

Complete technical articles:

     10Mbps BPSK ZIF transceivers for 1.2GHz, 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz

     Zgovorni voltmeter (SLO - Talking voltmeter)

     Practical cavity filters for the frequency range 1GHz...4GHz

     Lock-in sprejemnik z virom do 12GHz (SLO - Lock-in receiver with source up to 12GHz)

     23cm BPSK RTX za 10Mbit/s (SLO - 23cm BPSK RTX for 10Mbit/s NBP packet-radio)

     Visokofrekvencni vir z ulomkovno zanko (SLO - Radio-frequency source with fractional PLL)

     Amaterska antenska merilnica (SLO - Amateur antenna test range)

     Mikrokrmilnik ARM (SLO - LPC2138 ARM7 microcontroller)

     Preprost UKV FM radijski sprejemnik (SLO - Simple FM broadcast receiver)

     Preprost IR daljinec (SLO - Simple infrared remote control)

     Prototipna izdelava tiskanih vezij (SLO - Prototype-circuit manufacturing)

     Mehko spajkanje v elektroniki (SLO - Soft soldering in electronics)

     Gradniki elektronskih vezij (SLO - Basic electronic components)

     Ohisja telekomunikacijske elektronike (SLO - Shielding and enclosures)

     Ne-Brezhibni Protokol (NBP or Non-Flawless Protocol), a replacement for AX.25

     Weatherproof UHF & microwave cavity antennas

     DDS RF Signal Generator

     ARM DSP Vertical Navigation Radar

     ANALOG Vertical Navigation Radar

     Simple RF/Microwave Frequency Counter

     RF/microwave spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and other accessories

     Zero-IF SSB/CW transceivers for 1.3GHz, 2.3GHz, 3.4GHz, 5.7GHz, 10GHz and 24GHz

     A Landing Radio Altimeter for Small Aircraft

     Book: DIGITALNI MOSTOVI (SLO 17Mb)pdf

     Book: BEACON 99 (SLO 11Mb)pdf

     GPS/GLONASS receiver (developed 1991-1992)

     *** Archive of my old articles ***

Schematics, drawings, pictures, PCB files, software:

     My homemade microwave & RF test equipment

     My experimental low-power & lightweight avionics

     Amateur satellite projects: Microsat & AMSAT P3D

     Hamradio, aviation & mountains photo gallery (old)

     Hamradio, aviation, mountains & scuba-diving photo gallery (new)

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